9 Years to Buy a House: The Curse of Home Buyers in Portsmouth

New research from MoneySuperMarket this week revealed that it would take couples in Portsmouth a minimum of 9 years to pay off their mortgage and own their home outright. In other areas of the country, it would take them 27 years. The new research utilises data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and the Land … Read more9 Years to Buy a House: The Curse of Home Buyers in Portsmouth

The Southsea Food Tour: Shorties

I love steak. No, I really do. I adore it so, when I saw a large, red sign outside the front of Shorties with ‘steak’ in capitals, my body automatically pulled me closer. I had been recommended Shorties before countless times by friends and my boyfriend. He had visited last year and said he loved … Read moreThe Southsea Food Tour: Shorties

The Southsea Food Festival Frenzy

Saturday. About 50 stalls, maybe more, stretched up Palmerston road and Osborne Road and twice as many people hurried around stuffing their faces. Free to attend, this festival certainly had something for everyone. I started my adventure by St Jude’s Church and worked my way up. I passed pastries and paellas and pans sizzling and … Read moreThe Southsea Food Festival Frenzy