Poem – Ode to The Boy I Lived With

When we started,
we loved like fireworks –
vibrant and spontaneous
beautiful perhaps –
but it died quickly,
fizzled out in moments
to leave darkness
and coldness behind.
And a want for more to happen
knowing nothing would.
Yet we waited
and waited,
for months upon months,
and tried to make colour from the night sky –
tried to find pinks and blues in blackness.
We fought over burnt out sparklers that,
despite our efforts,
would never light again
after being dipped in water.

When I left,
I thought that was all the colour I would have –
all the vibrancy I deserved.
Yet then, I found him
and he was the sunrise,
greeting me every morning
with pigments more stunning than before.
Without fail he wakes me with oranges and reds,
every day,
and like the sun
I know he is here to stay.
Our love,
his and mine,
is eternal and beautiful,
no perhaps about it,
and is far from fleeting like gunpowder
that only burns once.

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